Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy of True Ascension Productions AB.


It is very important for us at True Ascension to respect the privacy of our users. Our Privacy Policy, described here, was last updated in Mars 2020 and describes what information we collect and how we use it. The information in the Policy could be subject to frequent updates, depending on new apps we release or law changes.

True Ascension creates apps for all ages, including children and parents. We are a small team located mainly in Stockholm and Gävle, Sweden.

The information we collect

We do not collect any information from users in our apps.

Cookies and Links

Our website use cookies. No personal information is saved. Our website and some of our apps may include links to other apps. True Ascension is not responsible for these links.

Stored information

As no information in gathered, no information is stored; making it very safe for everyone.

Tracking and Privacy

We do not track any data that can be considered personal data. Nor do we send any messages to any specific user. 

If you have any questions, contact us at

True Ascension Productions AB

Stockholm, Gävle